Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

If you have taken the time to do any research on bed bugs whatsoever, you likely already know that they are highly known for their cryptic abilities. They can stuff their bodies into some of the smallest spaces imaginable. In addition to this, they can completely change their sleeping and living patterns to match yours, meaning if you sleep during the day and work at night, they will change their sleeping patterns so they can feed on you while you are sleeping. It goes without saying that these are some cryptic and smart pests. This is why if you are going to eradicate them from your home, you need to know where some of the common hiding places are. Where are those places and where do you begin your long search?

Box Springs And Mattresses

This one is probably pretty obvious If you’ve done any research into bed bugs, you already know that they are a pest that is partial to living close to their host where they can feed. Since they feed during the night when you are asleep, it only makes sense that they would take up residence in the bedroom, in the mattress, and in box springs. That being said, these critters aren’t just going to get into the mattresses and box springs. They are going to burrow deep into the corners, under items, and anywhere that they think will keep them hidden.

Cracks And Crevices

Going back to the bedroom and the bed, the mattress and box spring aren’t the only places bed bugs will take up residence. They will also hide in your headboards and frames. If you have wooden frames with natural holes or cracks and crevices, they will wedge themselves in there. You’d be surprised at some of the places they can get into.


If these critters are going to take up residence in the bed and bed frames, it only makes sense that they would get into your sheeting as well. The only good thing about this is, they won’t be as hard to locate. Especially if you use white sheets or light-colored sheets on your bed. This is because the pest is commonly known to leave behind brownish-red spots. Something this is from dried blood and sometimes it can be remnants of their fecal matter. Whatever the situation, the critters will be much easier to spot and eliminate when hiding here.

Rugs And Carpet

Most people wouldn’t figure that bed bugs would take up residence in rugs and carpet items. And, this is because they don’t much. However, this is not to say that they won’t ever choose to hide here. It is kind of like a last-ditch effort for them. Rugs and carpets do provide them with enough security, but not enough as these places would be their number one choice from long-term residence. Still, be sure to check these locations when seeking out home infestations.

Couches And Upholstered Furniture

This one is probably no big surprise either. A piece of furniture is nearly like a bed. It is a place that provides a thousand little hiding spaces in one. Bed bugs can hide under the pads, the armrests, the feet, and deep down in the cushions. These critters can take up residence just about anywhere imaginable in a piece of furniture. This is why you’ve likely heard of someone bringing in an infestation by introducing a used piece of furniture into their home.

Spots You Might Not Think To Look

The above-mentioned hiding spaces are fairly commonly known hiding spots for bed bugs. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t still some off-the-wall hiding spaces that most homeowners overlook when searching for bed bugs. It is these locations that could make the biggest difference between the success and failure of your search.


More and more people are experiencing hotel infestations these days, and this is because bed bugs will hitch rides on your bags and ride them right into your home. When you unpack, you’ll unwittingly pack them right into your closet or dresser drawers. This is why it is crucial to always wash and dry your clothing items in hot water and heat after staying in a hotel.

Wall Decorations

Did you know that beautiful painting that you bought at the local yard sale, now hanging over your bed, could be housing bed bugs? Well, it can be and this happens more than you’d imagine. That being said, it is not only photos and picture frames that bed bugs will get into. They’ll get into a variety of wall décor items.


You might want to read about bed bugs, but you certainly do not want to open a book and see bed bugs right there literally on the pages. Well, you likely won’t because they won’t hide between the pages. If bed bugs are going to hide in a book, they’ll most likely get into the spine.


Given the fact that nightstands are located in the bedroom most of the time and offer hundreds of dark, damp hiding spaces, it only makes sense to find the critter in there. Nightstands are an extremely common hiding space for bed bugs. Be sure to check yours when you are seeking out your infestation.


With the sheer number of electronics in a given home these days it can be scary to think that bed bugs can take up residence in these items. Not only this, but electronics are essential and expensive. A bed bug gets in there and it is highly likely that they’ll destroy the item in question. You wouldn’t want your new gaming computer destroyed because a bed bug got in the circuit board and shorted something out, would out? Of course not, so be sure to check these locations when seeking out a home infestation.

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