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Professional Ant Pest Control Atlanta GA

The ant is a small Formicidae insect, with unique metapleural glands that produce a secretion utilized in defense. Ants have tri-segmented bodies or three body parts held together by tiny joints. The insects colonize to protect the species from extinction. Each member must fulfill their continuous job duties to ensure the longevity of the colony. Worker ants, as you can see by the classification, are responsible for all the manual labor. Worker ants are of the female gender. Their job duties include caring for the young, erecting and maintaining the colony’s underground tunnel network, building nests inside the tunnels, and replenishing the food supply.

Soldier ants guard the colony against enemy ants, which can attack at any time. Food is important for the survival of the ant colony. If the worker ants allow the food supply to dwindle down to nothing, the colony would be in grave danger of eradication. When two or more ant colonies are in the same vicinity, the risk of food becoming scarce is a major possibility. Ant colonies will run raids on nearby ant colonies, in hopes of retrieving their food supply.

Ants Are Infiltrating My Kitchen, What Can I Do To Stop Them?

Nearly every resident, including children and adults, are familiar with the ant. In fact, most children as young as 6 can identify the ant. Any child who spends time outdoors will learn to identify several members – ant, wasp, bee, and fly – of the Formicidae family. Some parents encourage their children to get to know the ant colony in an up-close and personal manner, by gifting them with an ant farm kit. Each kit comes with a manmade ecosystem and free ants.

As previously mentioned, when two or more large colonies of ants are in the same vicinity, there is a high risk of each food supply running thin. When this happens, ants are forced to infiltrate residential and commercial establishments, in search of new food sources. Small holes, cracks, gaps, and crevices that lead from the exterior to the interior of your home eventually become access points for ants and other insect species.

Should I Be Concerned About My Children’s Health And Take Immediate Action Against Ants?

Ants may or may not be a threat to your children’s health. These intriguing critters do pose some health risks to children and humans. This most applies to children living in homes with vulnerable non-refrigerated food storage systems. Dried cereal, nuts, cookies, candies, fruit, and crackers stored in vulnerable packagings, such as thin plastic and paperboard, can be infiltrated by ants.

Ants have strong mandibles that are utilized for nearly every aspect of life. The mandibles play a major role in fending off enemy ants, replenishing the food supply, erecting and maintaining underground tunnel systems and nests, raiding the food supply of enemy ants, eating, mating, positioning the queen, and toting heavy objects from one place to another.

Ants are known to bite humans, but only when threatened, with the exception of the fire ant.

What Is The Safest And Most Effective Pest Control Method For Ant Infestation?

Infestation is a much bigger problem than just the group of ants responsible for infiltrating your home. An ant infestation involves the group of ants inside your home, the primary colony situated around the perimeter of your home, and possibly one or more enemy ant colonies.

We suggest initiating the process with a no-fail extermination strategy, such as professional ant management. We combine industrial-strength insecticides with high-quality adhesive ant traps to ensure maximum results. Our goal is to accomplish full extermination of the ant colony and enemy ant colonies, utilizing as minimal treatments as possible.

The only way to truly determine what type of pest control strategy is required to achieve maximum results in fewer pesticide treatments. We suggest initiating the process with a full visual inspection of the ant-infested home.

Should I Opt For DIY Pest Control If My Home Is Infested With Ants

Our exterminators agree do-it-yourself pest control methods are not suitable for ant infestation. DIY pest control utilizes low potency pesticides available at most big-box, hardware, and home & garden stores in Georgia. When consumers invest in over-the-counter pesticides, many do not understand the dangers they face due to potential chemical exposure. Pesticide chemicals have shown to be environmental-unfriendly, meaning they pose some health risk to the environment.

To minimize these risks, we have partnered with Georgia’s top pest control product manufacturers that have undergone the regulatory EPA approval process. The Environmental Protection Agency “EPA” is responsible for overseeing the production of pesticides within the United States and the sale of pesticide products to American consumers.

Our pest control product consists of only EPA-approved brands. Heeding EPA’s pesticide safety guidelines protect our customers and their family from potential chemical exposure during the extermination process.

How Do I Schedule An Appointment For An Inspection Of My Ant-Infested Property In Atlanta?

We are conveniently located in the heart of Atlanta. Our exterminators are familiar with Atlanta’s busy Business District and residential neighborhoods. Our pest control request process takes between 24 and 48 hours to complete, at which time you will be contacted by one of our qualified customer support representatives.

Is There An Effective Ant Management And Prevention Strategy?

Yes, our professional pest management includes both extermination and prevention of repeat ant infiltration. We will work with you and other occupants of the home to show effective techniques to prevent a future ant infiltration.

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