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Were you on your way to getting a glass of milk from the kitchen when carpenter ants were discovered crawling all over your countertop? If so, you must know by now that a carpenter ant infiltration has taken place right in your home. Carpenters are Formicidae insects, which include other insect species like the wasp, bee, sawfly, and, of course, the carpenter ant. Scientists identify ants utilizing physical characteristics that are unique to the species. A tri-segmented body, metapleural glands, three sets of elbowed legs, and mandibles. The metapleural glands generate a secretion containing a phenol mixture. The secretion is utilized as a repellent to keep predators, including enemy carpenter ants, at bay,

Why Are Carpenter Ants Infiltrating My Garbage Bin?

The colony of carpenter ants is comprised of the primary reproductive member, the queen, workers, winged and wingless swarmers, drones, and soldiers. Unlike the termite colony, the carpenter ant colony does not have a king. Each member has specific job duties that must be completed accordingly to ensure the longevity of the colony. For example, as the only male members of the carpenter ant colony, drones are responsible for impregnating the queen.

It may take years for a carpenter ant colony to grow to have thousands of members. At this point, workers need to be more diligent about the colony’s food supply. When enemy carpenter ant colonies are in the nearby vicinity, workers are forced into unknown territories to forage for food. Small exterior-to-interior openings make ideal access points into residential, industrial, and commercial facilities.

Does Carpenter Ant Infiltration Pose A Danger To Human Victims?

Carpenter ant bites are generally harmful, with the exclusion of a mild allergic reaction. Unlike fire ants, carpenter ants are non-venomous or in most cases, harmless. Following infiltration, carpenter ants have one task in mind. This task is to gather enough edibles to replenish the colony’s food supply. If you think home infiltration is bad, this is most likely your first experience with carpenter ants. Infiltrating homes and commercial establishments, such as supermarkets, restaurants, and bakeries, poses health risks for all involved parties.

Carpenter ants utilize their strong mandibles to gnaw through manufacturing packaging like paperboard to access non-refrigerated food. Dried cereal, cookies, potato chips, candy, bread, and crackers stored in vulnerable paperboard boxes will be on the carpenter ant’s radar.

How Do I Safely Eradicate Carpenter Ants Inside My Home?

This is a very good question. Pesticides and insecticides are normally utilized in DIY and professional ant control. These products have some health and environmental risks. With the proper tools, equipment, skills, and training, our extermination team can fully exterminate a carpenter ant colony inside homes and businesses, without compromising the health of innocent victims.

Our professional carpenter ant management services combine industrial-strength pesticides with adhesive traps to exterminate the carpenter ant colony to the fullest extinct.

Will DIY Pest Control Work In The Case Of Carpenter Ants?

We do not recommend DIY pest control for moderate to severe carpenter ant infestation. Since this is your first experience of being a victim, you may not be aware of the danger of carpenter ant infestation. Carpenter ants not only infiltrate their victims’ non-refrigerated food supplies, but they also contaminate the food supplies. These insects consider just about anything edible. For example, the decaying flesh of a dead rat is edible to carpenter ants. The insect collect pieces of the contaminated dead rat to replenish the colony’s food supply. The contaminants are carried back to the home and deposited into the food supply.

DIY pest control products are low potency pesticides and insecticides only capable of exterminating a few dozen carpenter ants, not a colony.

Should I Be Concerned About Chemical Exposure Due To Carpenter Ant Pest Control Treatment?

It is normal to be concerned about chemical pesticide exposure. The Environmental Protect Agency (EPA) and other government agencies are continuously running public awareness ads related to the dangers of chemical pesticide exposure. Our Atlanta extermination team joined forces with the top pesticide manufacturers to minimize the risk of harmful chemical exposure. We only work with manufacturers that have gone through the process of obtaining EPA approval.

To manufacture and market pesticides in the United States, brands are required to obtain EPA regulatory approval. The process is in-depth, as it requires extensive safety testing. The EPA is looking for evidence to validate the safety of a specific pesticide. The EPA pesticide regulatory approval process can take between 1 and 5 years or longer.

How Do I Schedule A Carpenter Ant Inspection In Atlanta?

Contact our local office in the City of Atlanta to speak with our customer support. We also accept carpenter ant inspection service requests via our official website. Our business hours are Monday through Friday and some weekends. We offer same-day, emergency, and appointment-only pest control services.

Carpenter ants are difficult to ignore, as these insects are not known to be concerned about detection. In fact, carpenter ants forage for food in the presence of humans without a second thought. Once carpenter ants are detected indoors, infiltration is certain and infestation is possible.

Our service request processing takes up to 48 hours to complete. Our customer support will respond to your request once it is processed, at which point, an appointment will be set at your earliest convenience.

Is It Possible To Prevent A Repeat Carpenter Ant Infestation?

Yes, with an effective prevention strategy, your home will be fully protected from carpenter ants in the future. We highly recommend requesting a free carpenter ant management consultation to learn more.

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