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Conventional Treatment

Conventional TreatmentDealing with a bedbug infestation will prove to be difficult. As a result, you should be cautious about attempting to fix the issue without professional assistance. Once you’ve found that your home is infested, you’ll need to find a solution that will work well for you and your family. Depending on the circumstances, you may decide that you want to eliminate the problem using conventional methods such as pesticides. Most people prefer staying away from pesticides so we offer eco-friendly methods as well.

However, if you’re going to rely on pesticides, you’ll want to choose someone that offers safe pesticide treatments. We do. Our technicians offer safe and reliable conventional treatments. We rely on the recent study carried out at Purdue University. The researchers found that bedbugs could be eradicated using conventional treatments. However, the technician will need to visit the home twice at the minimum. Plus, they’ll need to wait a certain time between visits to ensure bedbug eggs have time to hatch.

Our team will go one step further to guarantee satisfactory results. We follow the protocols below to guarantee satisfactory results.

  • Our technician will visit the client’s home three times
  • During the first and second visit, the technician will inspect the home and treat the home for bedbugs
  • During the last visit, we’ll check the home for bedbugs. If we find bedbugs, we’ll treat the dwelling again
  • We generally wait 2 to 3 weeks between visits to give bedbug eggs time to hatch

We follow these strict protocols to ensure that we can provide you with lasting results. We’ll do whatever we can to ensure that the infestation will be wiped out. Plus, you can rest assured knowing that we only use products designed to eliminate bedbugs. When you’re ready to begin, contact our office.

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