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Stink Bugs

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As a resident of Atlanta, you’re likely going to encounter stink bugs at some point. These pests are not dangerous but you’ll still want to get rid of them. Plus, you’ll need to find ways to keep them out. Brown marmorated stink bugs were first found in Allentown, Pennsylvania in the mid-1990s. Since then, they’ve spread across the country rapidly. They can be found in most states today. They originate in Asia. They range in size from half an inch to three-quarters of an inch.

Why You Have Stink Bugs

You have stink bugs in your home because these pests are overwintering pests. As a result, they attempt to enter residential dwellings before the cold temperatures arrive. Near the end of fall, stink bugs will look for ways to stay warm during the winter months. When possible, they’re going to slip through small gaps around your home. They won’t leave your home until it gets hot again.

Stink Bug Dangers

It is wise to remove stink bugs from your home quickly. However, you can sleep soundly knowing that they’re not dangerous. These pests do not bite or transmit illnesses. Don’t crush them because doing so will cause your home to turn into a smelly mess.

Getting Rid Of Them

There are several ways to get rid of stink bugs. However, we think it is best to let a professional handle it for you. With a professional’s assistance, you can sit back and relax. The professional will use high-tech tools and reliable products to get rid of them. Plus, they won’t expose anyone in your home to risks. Contact us because we offer the best stink bug removal services in Atlanta.

DIY Methods

You may contemplate experimenting with DIY methods. However, many of these techniques are ineffective and some are unsafe. Therefore, we think it is best to let a professional handle it. If you find a stink bug or two in your home, you can remove them with a vacuum cleaner. However, it is best to use professional services when dealing with larger infestations.


We offer standard pricing when standard services are used. When this is possible, we’re going to charge based on the size of the client’s home. Clients with bigger homes will pay a bit more than clients with smaller homes. We’ll give you a bid price before the extermination begins.

Keeping Them Out

Remember to take steps to prevent stink bugs from invading your home again in the future. Seal any gaps around the exterior walls of your dwelling to stop them from entering your home.

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