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Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

There really isn’t much more rewarding than packing up the family and heading out on a family vacation to some far away, exotic location. Heck, a business trip can be quite exciting in itself. There is nothing like getting to experience new cultures and cities all at the same time. That being said, there are various threats and dangers related to traveling these days. One such threat is the bed bug. Luckily, the bed bug is a pest that can be potentially avoided by applying the SLEEP theory.


The first letter of the SLEEP theory is S and it represents survey. This pretty much means what the name says, but in a bit of a different sense than what most assume. Regardless of where you are staying, bed bugs do not discriminate. You could be staying at The Ritz and still be vulnerable to bed bugs. This is why you must take the time to properly survey the area where you are sleep. Keep in mind that large infestations can create sweet, musty smells. Something similar to that of soda pop syrup, if you are familiar. In addition to this, bed bugs leave behind brownish-red spots on white sheets. This is just something you’ll want to keep an eye out for.


The L in the SLEEP theory represents lift and look. A step that’s so important, it has two meanings in one. Those meanings are to lift and look. When you are surveying the hotel room during the initial phase, you want to make sure that you are also applying the lift and look theory. Bed bugs are highly known for hiding in all kinds of unconventional spaces. Under box springs, in mattress corners, deep in the crevices of nightstands, under baseboards, behind picture frames, and in books. These are just to name a few and certainly locations you’ll want to check when surveying your potential sleep quarters.


The first E in the theory represents elevate. It is perhaps one of the smartest tips in the theory, as it could prevent you from bringing home bed bugs while being exposed to infested locations. What it means is to elevate your luggage. First, inspect the hotel’s luggage rack, which is usually located high up on the wall somewhere near the bathroom or closet. Once you are 100 percent certain that this location is bedbug-free, you’ll want to place your luggage on top. Don’t just immediately enter the room and start unloading your belongings into the hotel drawers and closets. Elevate your items where bed bugs can’t reach and then proceed with your search. Once you are certain the room is bug-free, you can proceed with temporarily moving in.


The second E in the theory represents examine and although it is the second E, it is equally important as the first, if not more so. You might think that you have already pretty much examined the room during the lift and look and survey phases, but that is not exactly what this stage represents. This phase means checking your luggage before heading home. Truly ingenious when you consider it. Just because you haven’t spotted bed bugs or signs of them during your stay, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are home-free. And, this is while you’ll want to specifically check your belongings before repacking and heading out the door. Be certain that you don’t bring any critter home with you.


The P might be the last step in the SLEEP theory, but it is certainly not one to be left out. It ties the entire process together, as it represents placement. It means that when you arrive back home, you’ll want to immediately place all your clothing items in the washer and dryer. Wash them in hot water on the hottest settings and then proceed with drying them on the hottest setting. Bed bugs cannot stand up to heat and if there are any lingering in your belongings, these two heat cycles will eradicate them before you introduce them into your home.

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